Solutions for HECO Delays

Over the last few years, the solar industry in Hawaii has been encountering more and more roadblocks.  From the "red zone" regulations regarding grid penetrations (restricting how many homes in any given area can have PV), to more recent 2-for-1 energy exchange rates for power fed back into the grid, Oahu's residents are finding the process of getting solar increasingly time consuming and tedious.

Mercury Solar is the solution.  We at Mercury Solar utilize solar batteries and a combination of financing options to provide our clients with solar that is both thrifty and prompt.  With installation within three months and an available 12 year warranty on all parts and installation, we are not only leaders in the field of solar power and solar batteries, but we set a new standard for the entire solar industry.

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If you have been waiting for months or years for approval to get solar, or don't wish to be delayed in saving hundreds or thousands of dollars, call us today.