Go Solar and Achieve Energy Independence

At Mercury Solar, we are not simply a "module monkey" specializing only in the installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems. On the contrary, we can assist you with selecting and installing any one of a wide variety of different types of solar power equipment and we are ready to take immediate action to help you. With a history of 34 years as an Oahu solar panel companyand a track record of approximately 10,000 happy customers, we can assist you with developing a customized system to meet your needs.

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Residential Solar

If you are looking for a way to slash your energy bills, you have come to the right place. We can help you cut down on the amount you pay every month to the utility company and can even lead you to the point where you will be paying virtually nothing for your electricity.


Commercial Solar

With our help, you can install a solar power system on your business without going into the red on your balance sheet. In fact, the right solar power equipment can actually increase your company's bottom line, without requiring any up-front investment on your part.

Solar Cooling

There are several different technologies on the market for solar cooling; this area of the industry is currently experiencing significant growth as engineers and companies seek to find new ways to harness the power of the sun to help businesses and homeowners cool buildings with minimal expense and environmental impact. This is an area of solar power Mercury Solar has helped to pioneer here on Oahu.

Solar Water Heating

Tired of spending large amounts of money to the utility company in bills for water heating? Solar power works for more than just providing electricity, and it can be effectively used to heat the water in a residential or commercial property. Solar water heating has a long history, but the technology has seen great advances in recent years. Mercury Solar has been installing solar hot water systems since 1979.

Waste Heat Recovery

One of the newest developments in the field of alternative energy is waste heat recovery technology. Vast amounts of energy are lost on a daily basis in the form of thermal energy that escapes from exhaust and cooling towers and other industrial cooling equipment. Waste heat recovery works by trapping this energy and converting it into useable energy.

Solar Power System Is an Ideal Fit for Honolulu

With more than 320 days of sunshine per year, Honolulu is an excellent location for a solar power plant. Not only do solar collectors work well on Oahu, but it also fills a great need in terms of helping residents and local businesses to cut down on their enormous energy costs. Hawaiians pay an average of two-and-a-half times more for electricity than those living in the continental United States, due in large part to the costs of importing petroleum and other fuel for use in local power plants. By going solar, you can not only reduce your environmental impact, but can also achieve energy independence.

To learn more about the advantages of solar power and to find out what type of system will be best for you, contact us now for a free consultation and energy audit!

What Others Say About Us ?

Mercury Solar boasts a courteous staff and the expertise to guide anyone looking to make the move to renewable energy for themselves and their family. I was pleased to learn how their panels would be made affordable through their flexible payment plans and all my questions were handled with the type of experience you would expect from an experienced industry leader.

—— Steve B.
—— Kuliouou, HI

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