Customized Solar Systems for Honolulu Businesses

With a history of more than 30 years serving residential and commercial customers on Oahu, Mercury Solar is recognized as being among the preeminent Honolulu solar panel companies. Given the famously high rates for electricity in Hawaii, we recognize what an enormous drain your utility bills may be placing on your business, and we understand how eager you may be to find a way to minimize your costs. We can install solar on your business without creating debt on your balance sheet. Solar is all profit: It increases the bottom-line profit with no investment on your part. In other words, in most cases (depending on your credit score) you can expect to see your profits increase without having to come up with the funds to invest in the system.

Solar System that Makes Commercial Solar Power Pay for Itself

With our payment plans, you will in all likelihood be paying less per month than you currently pay to the Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) for your energy bills. Your purchase of solar modules, a solar cooling system, solar water heating, a waste heat recovery system or another system will not constitute a new financial liability for your business. Instead, you will merely be replacing your HECO "payment plan" with a Mercury Solar payment plan that leads to lower monthly costs and eventual energy independence.

In addition to the massive return on investment, you can also realize public relations benefits as you will now be able to advertise the fact that your company is solar powered. If a commercial client wishes to invest its own money, for its own system they can realize a 104% rate of return within the first year. We have loans and finance programs that work to leverage the cost of the solar power system for our commercial clients. Mercury Solar is a leader in the Hawaii solar power industry, and we founded many of the programs that are in use today throughout the state. Contact us now for a free consultation and energy audit to discuss your options and to find out how much money you are losing every day you wait to go solar.

Why Mercury Solar?
  • Spend less on Electricity
  • Lower Cost of Living
  • Significantly Reduced Bills
  • Thirty Years of Experience
  • 10,000+ Satisifed Customers
  • Reputable Service in Hawaii
  • Customized Solar Installation
  • Install on your schedule
  • Large or small scale
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Friendly, personalized service
  • Tips on general energy-saving