Waste Heat Recovery

About Waste Heat Recovery

Solar modules, solar cooling and solar water heating are not the only types of alternative energy solutions that we offer to our customers at Mercury Solar. In addition to the installation and maintenance of systems for collecting and harnessing the free and clean power of the sun, we can also assist you with implementing a waste heat recovery unit on your commercial or residential property. While most discussions of energy efficiency have to do with making adjustments to use as little energy as possible, this focus overlooks another major area of possible energy savings: the energy that has already been used and will otherwise be wasted.

Waste heat recovery systems work on the principle of trapping thermal energy that is produced as a byproduct of other mechanical processes. For example, the cooling towers and smoke stacks on factories and power plants spew vast amounts of heat into the atmosphere, where it eventually dissipates. The same is true of flues that release hot gases, as well as pipes and tubes that contain cooling fluids. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of all energy input is lost in the form of waste heat such as in exhaust gases, cooling water and the hot surfaces of equipment and machinery.

Mechanism of Waste Heat Recovery

A waste heat recovery unit is placed in proximity to the site where waste heat is known to be released, and it is designed to absorb this heat, passing the thermal energy through a heat exchanger to power a generator, which then produces additional electricity. Such a system can boost the amount of power that is produced by the original input of fuel by as much as 20 percent. This technology is becoming increasingly common in the industrial sector, but it is also being implemented in residential properties, such as by transferring the heat produced by an air conditioning compressor into free heat for your water generator. Learn more about this option by contacting us at Oahu solar panel company Mercury Solar.